logged in but getting logged OUT of forum?

  p;3 14:35 20 Apr 2007

am logged into the forum; posting ; refresh page and found I am logged OUT?is this only me it is happening to? and very slow page loading too?

  algernonymous 14:41 20 Apr 2007

It happened to me just now! What's going on? Have found pages slow to load at times also.

  p;3 14:44 20 Apr 2007

so it is NOT just me then with gremlins on board?

  p;3 14:50 20 Apr 2007

I think it is about to go off line again::(( seen 'page cannot be found'::(( and logged out but still on forum......

  Hieronimous 14:55 20 Apr 2007

If you can read this, then it hasn't happened to me AGAIN. I just spent ten minutes posting a reply on a subject to find I was logged out and the reply never went!

  provider 2 15:13 20 Apr 2007

Same here ie log in, post,refresh page, logged out. Very odd. Pages loading very slowly sometimes as well.

  provider 2 15:23 20 Apr 2007

There again... 504 Gateway Timeout and Service Unavailable.

  p;3 15:26 20 Apr 2007

so whoze done wot to annoy it?

  provider 2 15:38 20 Apr 2007

Me probably, doing too many "Search forums" !

  p;3 15:44 20 Apr 2007

very unstable ; walk dog time perhaps? or long cuppa while plug fuse is changed

forum unavailble at times

  Meshuga 15:49 20 Apr 2007

The FE is aware of problems at the moment. He posted yesterday about it and it is being dealt with.

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