Log report from eTrust Antivirus

  Ankermi31 17:31 04 Apr 2005

Each time I run eTrust Antivirus I get up a number of erros in the log report.
Just got one with 24 errors which have been "cured" (number of files scanned 40039 - fairly new system so not too many).

Some of the Errors are
C:\ Documents & Settings\local serv\local settings

Under Status is shows Open E...
Engine shows Inoc.
Safety Level shows secure.

Are these "errors" which are reoccuring anything to worry about? It has been there since buying the system some 3 months ago.

I run AdWare and SpyBot regularly also Beta1
Using Windows XP

I am a bit of a novice so nothing too technical in your replies lads!


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