Log on problems

  khareji 10:04 25 May 2008

every time i start up my computer i get the user log in screen, however, there is only the one user account. I looked it up previously on the helproom forum and found this:

"Bypass The Windows XP Log On Screen

To make logon an unattended process:

Click [Start] [Run] and type
control userpasswords2
Click [OK]
The [User Accounts] Property Sheet displays.
On [Users] tab, clear the [Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer] check box.
Click [Apply].
Enter a user name and password that should be used to logon automatically in the dialog box that appears.
Click [OK].
Go to [Control Panel] [User Accounts] [Change the Way Users Log On and Off].
Uncheck [Use the Welcome Screen] and [Use Fast User Switching]"

however when i started the computer up it still asked me to log in and a box came up with something about problems logging in. Now every time i log in i have to type in the user log in name whereas before it was there automatically. How can i get rid of this requirement for user log in when i start up?

  skidzy 10:17 25 May 2008

click here

Uncheck the option for Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Then hit OK.

  khareji 10:35 25 May 2008

I've tried this and it doesn't work as there is no password anyway.

  skidzy 10:42 25 May 2008
  khareji 11:20 25 May 2008

Sorry skidzy still no joy! Now a box opens up at Log on saying "Unable to log on because of an account restriction" and I seem to have 2 "Administrator" buttons when I go into "User Accounts"! Originally when I started my computer, the Admin and password were already in the log on box and all I had to do was click "OK" and it would start up! Am getting really fed up and frustrated. Luckily my daughter remembered the Admin's sign in name so we can log on but I want it to go back to automatic log on. I hate Windows XP!

  johnnyrocker 11:23 25 May 2008

system restore to before the problem?


  khareji 11:50 25 May 2008

Doh! I'm SO sorry skidzy - you know the saying "too many cooks..."! My daughter had gone out of the room and I didn't realised that she hadn't done the last part of your thread so I just paniced! Did as you said and everything's PERFECT. Thank you SO much for your help (and also johnnyrocker for your imput). I love this website!

  robmc32 23:28 09 Jul 2008

When I attempt to log in to windows XP it goes so far then locks up. I then have to reset.
But after tree or four attempts it logs in OK.
Any ideas.

  woodchip 23:44 09 Jul 2008

Have look how many Admins you have as windows creates one, this should be deleted. You should only have one and that should be you if only you use the comp

  robmc32 23:06 10 Jul 2008

Further to my previous "Log in" query I meant at first the switch on to open Windows.

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