Log in password requested at startup of Windows XP

  PC_HelpMe 13:31 21 Oct 2009

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been asked by someone else but I couldn't find anything. Please direct me to the link if so.

However, my sister in law's computer runs on Windows XP and, for some reason, upon booting up her computer a few weeks ago, an enter password box came up before it would actually load up Windows XP. She says she has never created any sort of startup password and can't understand where this has come from. She says she has also tried starting up in Safe Mode, but it still apparently asks for this password to be entered. She therefore can't even get into Windows XP to access her desktop and look at her settings. I think there is only her and her husband registered to use the computer anyway and neither have created any passwords to prevent windows even loading up. Does anyone have any ideas that she could try? Thanks for your time.

  Seth Haniel 13:52 21 Oct 2009

clicking next without entering anything in the password box -if no password set it should take you on OK -
I think you can get rid of the box under user settings in control panel

  birdface 14:39 21 Oct 2009

Look under user accounts you will probably find that Microsoft has opened a new user account which is causing the problem.
If so let us know what it is before you remove it.
it should be something Net but just can't remember what.

  birdface 14:43 21 Oct 2009

This might help.

click here

  VoG II 14:44 21 Oct 2009
  birdface 14:47 21 Oct 2009

Sorry you cannot use the computer without the password.See if you can try in safe mode again and try using the administrator sign in and press enter without adding a password.

  PC_HelpMe 10:06 22 Oct 2009

Thanks for your responses everyone, but my sister in law says she has already tried not entering anything in the password box, but it still won't load up - therefore, she can't access any settings to even be able to see whether another account has been set up.

  PC_HelpMe 10:08 22 Oct 2009

Buteman - I tried your link but it just brought up a blank page :-(

  birdface 10:17 22 Oct 2009

Not to worry about the link you had to be able to get on to run.

Now not at all sure of this but I think if you remove the battery for a minute or two it removes the password.
not sure if you can change the password in the Bios or not.
Maybe someone else can advise.

  birdface 10:29 22 Oct 2009

From Vogs click here this will explain what happens.

click here

Unfortunately it does not solve the problem.

I had the same problem but managed to get in using safe mode but that does not work for your sister in law.
Not sure if doing a system repair would work or not but you would need the proper XP disc for that.Once again you would need to find out if it would start without having to use a password.

  PC_HelpMe 14:43 22 Oct 2009

My SIL has said that the screen coming up at startup is "log on to windows" - I know she has recently got a laptop so not sure whether she has linked this up to her main computer or not - I am just trying to get that info from her. Could the fact she now has a laptop in the house that she goes on the internet with have affected a setting on her main computer (networking?).

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