Locking IP addresses to router ports

  Keith29 17:08 14 Jan 2008


I want to set up a broadband system that can be shared between 3 holiday cottages. Three of the broadband router's ports will be cabled to the cottages, one port to a wall socket in each cottage. I have a Vigor 2800VG purchased for this project.

In order to deter questionable activity I want to tie each cottage to one of the IP addresses in the allocated block. (ie make it traceable to a cottage without logging)

I've been told that this is impossible because the router will allocate on a first come first served basis. So if there are 2 laptops in one cottage, connected via a switch or a wireless bridge, the IP address allocation will lock out one of the other cottages.

Is there other hardware available or configuration that can sort this problem?

(novice in this area)

  Kemistri 20:26 14 Jan 2008

"I want to set up a broadband system that can be shared between 3 holiday cottages." -- That is very likely to be contrary to your terms and conditions, which will normally specify that you cannot provide your ADSL connection to others outside of your own household, or a similar clause along those lines.

And yes, it impossible (as far as I am aware*) to allocate IPs without having control over the clients. They will have to remain dynamic. There should be no problem with using access points, though, so at least that part of your plan will work.

*Home/small office equipment.

  Keith29 14:56 15 Jan 2008

Thanks for getting back to me.

As far as I can tell, my ISP does not bar sharing. However, the account owner is held to be responsible for any misuse of the connection. Hence my interest in locking a cottage to an IP address. These cottages are rented out in the summer months and there is no control otherwise. If you Google on rented holiday cottages, you will see significant numbers offer broadband/WiFi. I do not imagine that any have considered the mischief aspect of the facility.

A guy at work suggests an expensive solution to my requirement that involves having each output from the modem router connected to the WAN input of another router that is used to generate a sub-net for a particular cottage.

Does this make sense?



  Kemistri 17:15 15 Jan 2008

Yes, you could set up multiple subnets. However, I'm not sure that I see how any such measure is going to either restrict or deter questionable activity.

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