locking images on site

  lonemascot 23:53 28 Aug 2008

my site contains artwork which I do not want to be downloaded and printed off.

Is there anything I can do to the images so that they are read only and appear blank when being printed or copied?

I use Dreamweaver MX



  DieSse 00:01 29 Aug 2008

One think you simply cannot lock them against is screen grab software. Which makes it as easy as pie to copy images from a site.

Your best plan is to watermark the images, so that they are not (sensibly) usable.

  lonemascot 00:16 29 Aug 2008

Do I use watermarking software, If so do you know any that are free or just modify the image in a photo editing program with a faded bit of text or something?

  DieSse 10:56 29 Aug 2008

I just modify images with a photo editing program - so I agree with fourm member here.

Diagonally across the middle with a copyright symbol and your name is the way I would do it. Of you use 3D text you can make it look quite classy too.

  lonemascot 21:26 29 Aug 2008

cheers guys, I'll do what you have suggested.


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