Locked out of my own laptop - no domain name

  AdeJ 20:13 15 Jul 2004

Oops - this one is entirely my own fault.

My company laptop, windows xp pro, hooks into my wireless network at home to use the broadband connection to communicate with HQ.

I selected workgroup rather than domain to try and get it visible on the home network to transfer a load of files.

Unfortunately on rebooting, I no longer have a domain option box on my login screen and my usual password is just rejected saying the username or domain are invalid.

I'm not expecting miracles as my IT dept has been sat on it all afternoon and havent called back yet - but does anyone know how to initiate a restore point without needing to log into windows first?

  matt1234 21:29 15 Jul 2004

ok this is how i unlocked my windows xp home but i dont know if it works on pro!

Go into safe mode and log in as adminastre and go to the restore point and put it back

  NT Server 21:56 15 Jul 2004

Have you got an opions button on your log on screen? If you have press it , it will give you the choice of loging on locally or using the domain.

  AdeJ 22:13 15 Jul 2004

Domain is no longer in the options menu, and the administrator account has been disabled or renamed by my IT dept - hence I'm waiting for them to stop supping coffee and call!

  NT Server 22:20 15 Jul 2004

So you are saying that the opions menu is missing! or that if you click the down arrow you can not choose either the domain or thename of the locak computer to log onto.

  AdeJ 11:44 16 Jul 2004

The only additional button options brings up is Shutdown - hence I'm trying to get in and do a system restore without needing to log on as logging on isnt possble

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