Locked out of my 4 year XP

  zemdarin 10:04 09 Jun 2006

Having a great day on my computer everything working fine, I decided to make a restore point saying that. Turned off my computer at night, booted it up in the morning and was told that it couldn't authenticate something or other did I want to do it now. The icon wouldn't move to the yes button and as I have an athenticated version of XP bought from Evesham Computers in 2001 and verified it within the 30 days, how can this have happened? I have had to put XP onto my D:\ drive to get here and now have 30 days to authenticate this one. But I don't want to do that, I just need to get back into my long standing XP version with all my files on it.

  gudgulf 10:25 09 Jun 2006

Try booting into Safe Mode...tap F8 as the computer boots and choose safe mode from the menu (use F5 if you don't get the menu with F8).

You should get the option to use System Restore just before Safe Mode loads.

Use it to go back to before the problem.

  zemdarin 11:42 09 Jun 2006

Hi gudgulf
have tried pressing F8 as per my instruction book, it booted up to the D:\ drive. Will have to try the F5 button. Thanks for information will come back if I can or can't do it.

  zemdarin 12:20 09 Jun 2006

Managed to get to where I start it up in safe mode. When I select my C:\ drive which XP was originally loaded. Safe boot gets as far as

and thats where it stops.

When I try to boot-up normal it gets to where it says
"A problem has prevented windows from accurately checking the status for this computer. You must activate it. Do you want to activate windows now Yes or No.
But the mouse wont allow me to select either.

I activated this program in 2001. Who the hell do Windows think they are being able to lock people out of their computers, with no way to fix it.

  mattyc_92 12:22 09 Jun 2006

Have you tried the "Use last known good configuration" option from the "F8" list?

  zemdarin 12:33 09 Jun 2006

Hi mattyc yes thank you I just tried that, and even tried my back-up discs, but because I can't open my C:\ drive they won't work on my D:\ drive.

What puzzles me is how did windows XP get onto my D:\ drive. I thought as I had back ups and my computer was getting slow to shut down. I would reformat it but was never given the chance to do so. It went right on and installed another version straight to my D:\ drive then another straight to my E:\ drive. I wasn't once asked if I wanted to partition format or anything else.
I was then able to select all three of them and they all used to open and run OK. I took the other two off my D&E drives and cleared them from the boot.ini and my original copy worked fine right up to making the last restore point, it seemed to be working great untill the next morning.

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