Locked out by forgotten password - Windows 7 HP Laptop

  Stressed Mum 08:33 04 Sep 2011

Hi. Please can someone help me? My daughter changed her password a few days ago on her laptop and now she has forgotten it! Tried in Safe mode but again was asked for password. Any suggestions that dont cost the earth? I dont recall taking a password recovery disc when we set it up... thanks SM

  Stressed Mum 08:41 04 Sep 2011

... quick update - I have found x 4 recovery discs for the laptop - so I guess I go ahead and reinstall Windows from them? Why do I have 4 - DVD's as well!!

  gengiscant 08:54 04 Sep 2011
  birdface 10:00 04 Sep 2011

If you reinstall windows you will loose everything you have on your computer.

I would wait a while and see if you can get any further advice.

You can buy discs from e-bay for £2 or £3 that will bypass the password.

Did it give you the option of starting with the Administrator account or just your daughters.

And did you try just pressing Ok or enter with the password box empty to see if that would work.

Some laptops have an F10 or F11 button that will reset the laptop to factory settings but once again you will loose everything that you have saved on the computer.

  Stressed Mum 10:31 04 Sep 2011

Hi buteman - how are you? Long time no chat! My daughter has changed the Admin login in to her name and forgotten the password! I have downloaded (on another laptop with windows 7) - as I am now on Mac) PCLogin - but I am having huge problems trying to select boot from CD... Using HP Laptop - tried pressing ESC at start up but dont appear to get where I want to go - - how do I boot from CD?

  Stressed Mum 10:40 04 Sep 2011

gengiscant - I have now managed to burn cd and found out how to boot from it - but I am being told that it has an invalid loop location and that I need to reboot (which I have done several times) or pass a proper loop! any help?

  birdface 10:40 04 Sep 2011

You have to go into the BIOS and change it to boot from CD in there.

Not sure where it is on your computer it was the delete button with mine.

But maybe F1 or F2 with others.

  rdave13 10:42 04 Sep 2011

Usually laptops are set to boot from CD drive as default and you need to press any key to continue. If not keep tapping the delete key on booting to go into the bios. You can change the boot order there.

  birdface 10:44 04 Sep 2011

Looks like you managed to do it so will leave you with gengiscant as I do not have much of a clue as to what Loop even does.

Best of luck I hope you get it fixed.

It is always a bit slow on here at weekends so you may have to wait till some of them get up.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:45 04 Sep 2011

Reset Password

Using either a Windows DVD or by tapping F8 or F5 to get to the Advanced Tools menu.

follow the instructions at


Depending on the model it could be any F key

F2 F8 F10 F11 are common on HPs

  Stressed Mum 11:33 04 Sep 2011

not getting very far here ... :( can I use another laptop to make a recovery disc

the windows 7 password recovery or is it independent to individual pcs?

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