Locked ISP wireless routers.

  ruddles123 19:53 01 Feb 2009

I have been given a BT 2091 wireless ADSL router but when I have tried to logon using my own username and password it tells me it is not part of the BT set up and will not work.

I know that some of BT routers are locked to only work with their "BTINTERNET" service.

My question is :-

Are there any other service providers that lock the routers so they cannot work on any other ISP?

Thanks in advance.


  Mester 20:08 01 Feb 2009

Sky, Orange and I suspect most of the others.

  Dipso 20:18 02 Feb 2009

It was possible to unlock earlier versions of this router it seems but later version proved more difficult. A firmware hack is involved so it could end in a bricked router if it goes wrong.

Many others than be unlocked successfully though. The Sky router can easily be unlocked, I did one myself the other week, just check out Ebay.

  Dipso 20:23 02 Feb 2009

If you've nothing to loose check out this click here? and click here but no guarantees, proceed with caution.

  ruddles123 14:34 03 Feb 2009

Thanks Dipso.

I will try the second option.

I too got the message of illegal image when I tried one crack.

Nothing to loose so I will try later today.

I will keep this open for another couple of days and if no other postings then I will close it off.



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