Locked up on check disc,no response

  anskyber 14:03 01 Feb 2008

I run Vista but this is not a Vista issue.

After several and sudden short power cuts my PC on turn back on defaulted to check disc. After several attempts to get through it the system stops at 13% and will not go any further.

I have tried to get into advanced boot options but the keyboard is not responding so it keeps defaulting to check disc and freezes at the same spot.

Any ideas?

  Technotiger 14:16 01 Feb 2008

Hi, found this on another forum, same subject re check disc ... dunno if it will help or maybe point you in the right direction....

"I have a dirty bit on my D drive. chkdsk won't fix it. It reports 4kb bad sectors. How bad is that?

I ran a search on how to clean a dirty bit and came across this "chkntfs /x d:" I tried that that and it worked to get rid off the auto chkdsk when booting but it doenst fix the dirty bit.
I'm gonna have to look more into that but at least the auto chkdsk is gone!"

  Technotiger 14:18 01 Feb 2008

Possibly try it in Safe Mode ............

  anskyber 14:21 01 Feb 2008

I cannot get into Safe Mode because the keyboard is not recognised to select F8 at boot.

  Technotiger 14:23 01 Feb 2008

Hmm, the power-cut might have affected the keyboard. either directly or in-directly, perhaps if you could try another keyboard, maybe a USB one?

  anskyber 14:25 01 Feb 2008

I am using a USB and the keyboard light is on.

  Technotiger 14:40 01 Feb 2008

Verrry strange ...... you have probably already done this, but - try a different USB Port? or maybe try a normal PS keyboard?

  anskyber 14:42 01 Feb 2008

Some progress, I've managed to stop the check disc, oddly by trying F2 to get to system set up. After cancelling that it defaulted back to check disc but this time the keyboard worked to cancel it.

I'm now back, sort of. I run a RAID 1 configuration so my RAID is now verifying and repairing the system. fingers crossed there are no further power cuts.

Off for a UPS tomorrow.

  Technotiger 14:47 01 Feb 2008

Grreat, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too - hopefully the UPS will prevent it happening again.


  anskyber 15:00 01 Feb 2008

I'll sign off on this one unless things go strange on me.

  peter99co 16:11 01 Feb 2008

I had odd problems with power supply and invested in UPS battery back-up.Now if the wife puts a fork in the toaster and pops the fuse I still stay on with battery for long enough to shut down safe and go to reset the mains box.

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