Lock-up problems, at the end of my tether.

  symmetry 17:12 13 Jan 2003
  symmetry 17:12 13 Jan 2003

System spec:

Athlon XP 1600+
768MB PC133 SDRAM (generic)
Creative 3d Blaster 4 Ti 4200
Creative Soundblaster Live! Value
Abit KT7a v1.3
IBM Deskstar 60GB HDD
Windows XP Pro

All drivers including bios and 4in1's are completely up to date.


My computer will freeze when I play any game what so ever. It will usually freeze within a few minutes of starting the game, the audio then repeats on an infinite loop and no combination of key strokes will do anything, the only recourse being the reset switch.

This has only started happening after I installed the Geforce 4 card. I know the card works fine because I have installed it and tested it in another machine. I have tried EVERYTHING to get it to work properly, including:-

Re-installing Win XP Pro.
Using progresively older graphics drivers.
Stripping out all unnecessary components.
Buying a 450W PSU.
Disabling ACPI in Win XP.
UNDERclocking the graphics card.
Reseting all bios settings.

And now this is the last thing I can think of save buying a new Motherboard - posting a plee for help in a forum. If you can help me, I will love you forever.

  BrianW 17:47 13 Jan 2003

have you tried stripping out the ram chips? (I assume there is more than one), then check each on its own. Suspect RAM can sometimes do odd things like this.

  Rtus 17:47 13 Jan 2003

it sounds as if the sound card and graphics card are clashing irq's or the sound card driver is corrupt..easier to say than proove at this distance,however try another slot for sound card after removing all drivers/sound prog software then shut down remove card pop into another slot boot up and reinstall drivers etc.

  Rtus 17:51 13 Jan 2003

BrianW post correctly states this can be a result of mixed ram the easiest way is just remove the odd ones (512+256)or 3 strips of 256 either way just use one (pref the original)and see what it does then

  symmetry 17:55 13 Jan 2003

Thanks for the responses.

BrianW, I have checked the ram with a burn-in test from click here running over-night, it checked out fine, but I will try using only 1 256MB DIMM and see if that helps.

Rtus, I thought that too and so changed slots and configured the IRQ's in BIOS, this didn't help though as Microsoft's ACPI bunged them all on the same IRQ, so I disabled ACPI and everything now has its own IRQ, but it still doesn't help. I even removed the sound card and that didn't help either.

  PA28 18:59 13 Jan 2003

Check the Geoforce's settings - particularly anti-aliasing which should be program controlled. Reduce graphics acceleration to see if that improves matters (sorry, sick suggestion when you've just bought a new card, but it might work!). Check that all traces of previous Nvidia drivers have been removed as these can cause conflict (you can get a program called Detonator Destroyer which does this effectively). I have heard of users that simply cannot get the latest WHQL drivers to work at all (I'm referring to 40.72), but I've not had any problem with them after clearing out the old drivers.

  symmetry 16:56 14 Jan 2003


Running with 1 dimm made no difference, irrespective of which dimm or which slot was used.
Disabling all anti-aliasing and filtering made no difference.
Tweaking my +5v and +12v rails (they were a little low) had no effect.
Swapping processors to a 1Ghz Duron I had kicking around had no effect.
However, I installed a new hard drive with Win ME on it and it seems to run perfectly, not wanting to run that horrible OS I installed Win XP on the new hard drive, only to have it lock-up exactly as it did before.

I think I am now convinced that there is a fundamental incompatability between Win XP, my mobo and my geforce4.

  Gongoozler 17:08 14 Jan 2003

symmetry, I think the KT7A can have trouble with 4x AGP, try disabling this in BIOS and see if that gives you better stability.

  Old PC man 17:09 14 Jan 2003

Here goes with a shot in the blackout.

Is the AGP enabled in your BIOS under XP?

Apologies in advance if you've already checked.

  Old PC man 17:13 14 Jan 2003

Gongoozler just beat me to it.

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