Lock My Folder 1.2.0

  Marko797 10:45 17 Apr 2007

I have the above software which locks folders/files/drives etc. I did something stupid & don't know how to fix it...cue forum..

I locked my back-up drive, then for some stupid reason I later decided to uninstall the software.

Of course the stupid part is that I didn't un-lock the drive before I did all this. Now I have no access to my back-up as it's locked/encrypted.

I have tried re-installing the software, but this hasn't helped at all and it doesn't identify that the drive is locked, or allows me to re-lock it.

I have also tried a system restore, but again to no avail.

Can someone offer a solution to this please?

  GaT7 12:23 17 Apr 2007

Try using their Live support when it becomes available, or email them - both can be found at
click here.

A very good free alternative is TrueCrypt click here. One can uninstall/reinstall the software & it'll still work with the encrypted or locked files/folders/drives that it originally created. You can also choose not to install it at all, but run it off a pen drive or removable media whenever required click here. G

  Marko797 15:24 18 Apr 2007

Thnx Crossbow7. Just in case anyone else has had this problem, I did email the support and they did get back to me. Their solution didn't actually work, but they suggested that if it didn't, then to try MST TotalAccess Pro or Standard. I got a version. Initially there's a free download trial version for 15 days, to try it out, and wonder upon wonder, it did the trick on my back-up drive. Just thought I'd pass it on.

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