lock the keyboard

is there a program out there that will lock the keyboard like you do to a mobile phone(keypad)?
or lock down the whole computer but let it keep running? it's because i have an inquisitive 2 year old and when i leave it unattended to say do a virus scan and such he has a go at bashing the keyboard when i'm not looking!! and usually creates havoc with what ever is going on :-)regards @[email protected]!c


  pj123 13:43 03 Apr 2005

On my F11 key there is a padlock (in the open position). Although I have never tried it I assume that is a keyboard lock in conjunction with a key marked Fn (function).

Alternatively, how long is your keyboard cable. Can you move it out of reach? and the mouse, of course.

  pj123 13:49 03 Apr 2005

Just tested it and yes, it is a keyboard lock. Have also just looked at the keyboard on my partners PC and on the F11 key it says "Lock" also in conjunction with a Fn key (which is right on the extreme right of the keyboard at the top). Sort of opposite the Esc key. Check your keyboard and see if there is any similarity.

  DieSse 14:09 03 Apr 2005

You could try this

click here

click here

click here

Some of them claim to also disable CD door opening, power off, etc.

pj123 and diesSe thanks for your replies..couldnt find any key lock on the f11 key or any other..thanks anyway..pj123 i will look into the progs you suggested i think they will work..thanks..kind regards akanic

just to add i chose the toddler keys program and it works a treat!! it locks the power button,cdrom drives,keyboard and mouse.and it dosent stop running programs..ideal thanks

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