Lock-up & boot trouble.

  NinkyRudes 13:57 04 May 2005

Athlon XP 2400+
Jetway V600DA/DAP Mobo
Various sticks of PC3200 RAM (all tested OK)
BFG GeForce 6600GT OC 128Mb AGP
Maxtor 40Gb 7200rpm HDD (Master)
Western Digital 7200rpm 80Gb HDD
LG CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive
Hercules Gamesurround Muse Lt Audio
Tornado 56k Modem
Windows XP Media Centre 2002 (+ all hotfixes/patches)
Jeantech 480W PSU

A friend’s PC has developed a fault, which seems to cause lock-ups particularly during games. He claims not to have altered anything before it happened, but I only have his word… Interestingly, on restarting, the system seems to hang (no monitor, beeps etc.) for the first few efforts, before eventually kicking in. Every time I have turned it on, in fact, whether it locked or was shut down properly, it hangs once on the GPU initialisation screen, then a reboot is successful.

This sounded to me like a cooling problem, probably the graphics card, as his PC is in a warm room, and case airflow was not great. Things he has done include: install a Scythe Samurai CPU cooler, a couple of case fans and a small fan on the northbridge, whose heatsink was getting very hot. There are 3 empty slots below the graphics card, so airflow is no real issue. System/CPU temps are normal (20-30 C/40-50 C) all the time.

I’ve tried unplugging everything unnecessary both in and outside the case (such as USB connectors, drives etc.) to no avail. I’ve had a go at almost everything I can, but I have no old AGP cards lying around (I’m on PCI-e personally) to test the graphics card as the problem. I still suspect this is the problem, as there is a separate heatsink next to the main fan, which seems to get extremely hot during games such as Far Cry etc. Since the card had a huge warranty (it comes overclocked), should he just return it and hope this solves the problem? Or would you try a driver downgrade? The system is stable in Windows for days on end.

Any ideas will be appreciated; I’ll be back in the forum this evening to check what you all think!

  NinkyRudes 19:15 05 May 2005

Bump - any ideas?

  mac75 19:28 05 May 2005

i had a similar problem with games slowing down and freezing. cured the problem by installing diectx 9c.

  mac75 19:29 05 May 2005

sorry that should be direct x 9c

  NinkyRudes 13:37 06 May 2005

thanks for your suggestion, but DirectX 9c is definitely installed.

  NinkyRudes 13:42 06 May 2005

however, over the weekend i'll try installing the forceware/directx drivers again.

  woodchip 13:53 06 May 2005

Try some new Graphics drivers

  woodchip 13:57 06 May 2005

Drivers from click here

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