Location of MS downloaded updates

  Quiet Life 10:24 26 Sep 2010

I have 6 net framework updates in XP which will not instal and I want to get rid of them.
Where do downloaded updates go before instalation as I cannot locate them.

  johndrew 10:33 26 Sep 2010

Some software needs .Net Framework to function and many of the updates are for security reasons.

If an update fails to install it is likely that one of the installed .Net Framework files is corrupt. There has been quite a lot on this subject in the recent past - I also had a corrupt file which shopped an update. Have a look at this and the links it may well help. click here

  Quiet Life 10:48 26 Sep 2010

Appreciate your response but I have had enough of these security updates and just wish to get rid of them. MS should have set up a better system for corecting and updating Netframeworks.
I am happy to live with the security risks.

  MAJ 11:34 26 Sep 2010

"I am happy to live with the security risks."

That may be so, Quiet Life, but is anyone you are in contact with via email and chat clients or anyone connecting to your network, be as happy if you pass something malicious on to them, by leaving your computer open to attack.

The Netframework updates will do no harm on your computer. The next time you are advised that updates are available, choose the custom install option and hide the older updates and only install the latest, see if that helps.

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