Location of Internet Broadband & Dial-up accounts

  tallboy 10:34 25 Apr 2009

Owing to a corrupt SAM file and a doggy boot sector on my primary PC, I need to do a Windows XP re-install. I have located and copied to a backup disk all my emails and favourites, but I now need to backup my broadband & dialup account settings. (Also passwords - but that isn't quite as essential as I have them recorded elsewhere.)

Where does Microsoft store this info in XP?

  Clapton is God 19:18 25 Apr 2009

Have a look in IE; Tools; Internet Options; Connections.

Highlight your connection and click on Settings; Properties.

Not sure where XP stores them, but you can simply make a note of the settings for future reference.

  grey george 20:44 25 Apr 2009

Passwords will be bulleted out so you will need to make a note of them from the original documents sent to you by your isp. Will a repair sort out the problem? If so you data will be untouched. In outlook express select tools/accounts and make a note of the information in each of the tabs.

  tallboy 21:39 25 Apr 2009

Thanks for the suggestions Clapton and grey george.

However, the PC I'm trying to fix is non-functional as far as XP is concerned. I can explore / copy files using Windows PE booted from the CD drive, but that's about it.

I need to know where in the Windows folder hiererachy IE / Tools / Internet Options / Connections exist. Hopefully I could then copy the data (including passwords without actually seeing them) to a temporary folder and paste them into the equivalent place once I have re-installed Windows XP.

  brundle 22:06 25 Apr 2009

They're not stored in a file, they're in the registry.
If you had Vista you could use netsh to export and import wireless settings, but XP doesn't have those abilities - I don't know about Dialup settings but this is a start; click here

You could also try this; click here

  brundle 22:08 25 Apr 2009

You can import the registry hives on the dead machine into your PE environment and try the netsh commands there - I don't know if Netsetman will run if you just copy the installed files to a flash drive, but it's worth a try.

  tallboy 22:37 25 Apr 2009

Thanks for the suggestion brundle. What is the usual location of the registry hives?

However, even if I can find them, this may not work. I started out with corrupt hives and was part-way through Microsoft's recommended fix (which starts by replacing the hives with repair ones and then goes on to use a Restore point) when the power supply failed! Do restore points actually store the hives themselves to a different location than the active hives? If so and I can find out the location, I might be able to use them.

  Strawballs 23:42 25 Apr 2009

If you have a XP disc put it in the drive and type chkdsk /r in the run box and it can scan all of the system files and restore any corrupt from the disk

  tallboy 08:58 26 Apr 2009

Thanks for the suggestions brundle & strawballs; I'll give them a try.

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