Location of E-mail folders in Windows 7 Live Mail

  tallboy 22:09 22 Nov 2009

Does anyone know where Microsoft puts folders containing email messages for Windows Live Mail on a Windows 7 system?

On XP (and I believe Vista too) they used to be in a hiidden sub-folder of C:\Documents and Settings' - but Win 7 does not have any 'Documents and Settings' directory.

I need to move some email folders around and it will be a lot quicker to do it directly in the appropriate directory.

  tullie 22:24 22 Nov 2009

Not sure what you mean because whenever i open mine all the folders are there on the page.

  gazzaho 08:11 23 Nov 2009

I think he's looking for the local Live Mail Folder tullie I believe it's at

C:\Users\<Windows user account>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

The sub folders for you email accounts are in this folder.

  tallboy 09:23 23 Nov 2009

Sorry my request wasn't too clear tullie, but gazzaho got it hole in one! (Thanks gazzaho)

The reason I wanted to access the folders directly is (in particular) to remove the confusion of having two In Boxes, two Sent Boxes, Two Draft Boxes etc - one set created by Windows Live when it was installed and the other as part of the Import set from my old PC. (Outlook Express)

I have now moved all the imported data into the respective folders that were created during the install. It was a lot quicker doing directly in Explorer than it would have been trying to do it via the Windows Live Mail user screen.

  gazzaho 05:20 24 Nov 2009

When I migrated I just moved the contents from the respective folder to the new Live Mail folder from withing Live Mail, I just used Ctrl+A to select all items and dragged them to the respective folder, it only took a few seconds, I then deleted the empty import folders, again from inside Live Mail.

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