Local only connectivity

  eysha 14:21 10 Sep 2011

Hi, can anyone pelases tell me why i get more 'LOCAL ONLY' or 'LIMITED CONNECTIVITY' messages than 'CONNECTED' ones? I am using Virgin broadband with a Netgear box. This is happening more and more and i have no idea how to correct it. I do the usual stuff like switch off the box at the wall and wait then reconnect, or switch off and disconnect all the plugs and replug then re switch back on etc but it makes no difference at times. It is very frustrating and i have even changed my netgear channell too. I have even contacted Virgin without sucess. Happy to try anything really. Thanks E.

  northumbria61 15:20 10 Sep 2011

Here are some things you can try with increasing severity...

1) Go into network connections, find your wireless network connection icon, right-click it and disable it. Re-enable it and see if any improvement

2) as above, but reboot after disabling, and once your computer comes back on, re-enable.

3) Go into Device Manager, find your wireless network adapter, uninstall it, and reboot the computer. Your PC should detect it and hopefully automatically install it again.

  eysha 15:29 10 Sep 2011

Thanks, will try those and let you know. E

  eysha 15:44 10 Sep 2011

What i tried was this; 1)Control panel 2)network sharing centre 3)wireless network connection 4)view status 5)properties 6)found that IPv6 is limited connectivity so i unticked this one.

I am hoping that will solve the problem of the limited connectivity - what do you think? E.

  northumbria61 15:47 10 Sep 2011

Yes - you may not need IPv6

  eysha 22:02 10 Sep 2011

Thanks, will let you know how it goes. from your name i think we are close.

  Strawballs 22:21 10 Sep 2011

More likely to be either your router or Virgins modem on way out I'm thinking it's about time I changed my Linksys router that is about 6 years old as I have been having to unplug to reset it more lately

  northumbria61 14:47 11 Sep 2011

"from your name i think we are close" - maybe !

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