local network 2 cable unplugged

  Bellyfilla 20:40 02 Aug 2006

Hi Folks, what does this message mean? It appears when connected to AOl and causes me to drop out of the connection. Also is it connected to the erreor message Limited or no connectivity? I still have to resolve that problem too

Ta muchly for any help

  Bellyfilla 20:50 02 Aug 2006

that should read Local Area connection2 cable unplugged

  rdave13 20:54 02 Aug 2006

That's AOL dropping the connection, usually it'll try to reconnect automatically. If you get this often then complain to AOL.

Have you downloaded their one-click fixes yet? You can fix connectivity problems through that. Use keyword to find.

  Bellyfilla 21:14 02 Aug 2006

thanks for teh reply, i have been talking to aol for 3 weeks now, but cant get the problem resolved. I cant remeber if the fixes were included,but will go and have a look ( providing i stay on long enough) I just had a good laugh. well if i didnt i'd go nuts

  rdave13 21:23 02 Aug 2006

Another way to try is to loggoff AOL. Reboot go to control panel..add/remove..scroll to aol connectivity service..click add/remove. A window should show up then tick the repair box. Wait for the repair to finnish. Close window. Again reboot.

Before logging on again go to all programs..AOL (in the list)..aol system information...utilities tab..clear browser cashe...rebuild aol adapter.

  Bellyfilla 21:32 02 Aug 2006

Rdave 13
I just downloaded the fixes and rebuilt the ACS adapter. Will have to wait and see what happens now. I have moaned like hell to aol, and finally they have got BT to check out the line. Supposed to be coming next monday. This problem all started 3 to 4 weeks ago after torrential rain and storms. I had poota nd modem unplugged at that time, so wonder if rain has got into the line distribution box and caused corrosion

  Bellyfilla 21:33 02 Aug 2006

I've been connected over 3 mins now and it aint dropped yet !!!!!!!

  rdave13 21:35 02 Aug 2006

Good that they finally listened. Still worth a try to repair the a.c.s. manually though.

  Bellyfilla 21:41 02 Aug 2006

ok will give it a try, still not dropped out yet ( famous last words ) Trouble is I'm self taught, now getting wrinkly as the kids call it these days and logical solutions dont come to easy these days

  Cesar 08:41 04 Aug 2006


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