"Local area network-A network cable is unplugged"

  y_not 07:15 11 Jul 2004

At random times throughout the day I get a pop-up message (from next to the clock) giving this message, it remains on screen just long enough to read it and then goes. I am just wondering if anyone can explain why it happens, please?

Network details: - Belkin wired/wireless router, NTL BB, Realtek NIC on three PC's & wireless on laptop. The only one to display the message is one of the wired PC's - that one runs WinXP Pro.

AVG scans daily, I sweep for spyware weekly and use a hardware firewall - although I'm sure its nothing malicious thats causing the message and its a Win XP message.

Many thanks


  Diodorus Siculus 08:53 11 Jul 2004

You've probably seen this but it seems to be the only relevant comment google can find:

click here

The "Local Area Network: A Network Cable Is Unplugged" message appears If you see this message in a pop-up window from the notification bar of the taskbar, the message is probably right--the cable from your computer to the LAN hub is unplugged or damaged. When you fix the connection, the message goes away.

I presume your connection is ok?

  y_not 09:00 11 Jul 2004

Many thanks.

Connection is fine - in spite of the message I continue to surf or whatever without any problems at all ... no slowing down or stopping of the connection that I can tell.

I was just a little concerned that it was a sign of a problem developing but its been giving me this message ever since I switched to the Belkin router (before I used a 10/100 hub and this PC as the gateway).

I guess that its possible that the cable is damaged but if that were the case wouldn't I get more serious problems like dropping the connection for longer periods (that I might notice)?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:28 11 Jul 2004

I doubt that the cable is damaged; possibly a blip in the system.

Do you by any chance have more than one LAN port? Is it on the notification area of the other one that they message comes up?

  User-312386 09:51 11 Jul 2004

go to start>control panel>Network and Internet Connections>Network Connections

Now see how many connections that are there

If there is more than one delete the one that is not being used

  fourjays 10:38 11 Jul 2004

I have only ever got this message on my network, when a computer on the network goes into stand-by mode. I assume you haven't checked to make sure all computers are on, working and not in stand-by?

  y_not 14:18 11 Jul 2004

Thanks for the replys, guys.

Sorry - had to go out!

Only one LAN port

Only one network connection

All are working and none use standby mode.

I guess its just one of those "joys of computers" Its not causing a problem, doesn't seem to have any effect, doesn't seem to be doing it more often so maybe I should follow the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" advice.

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