Local Area Connection icon??

  giggsy 22:07 15 Feb 2006

Evening guys.
I've recently put windows xp pro on my pc (clean install) and when it boots up, I often (though not always) get an icon in the system tray off two computers and a flashing yellow light. Hovering over it brings up the message 'Local Area Connection, Connection Speed 576.0Kbps, acquiring IP Address'.
I connect to AOL Broadband with a BT Voyager 100 Modem. Any ideas? Thanks.

  VoG II 22:09 15 Feb 2006

Your LAN connection to the internet.

  giggsy 22:12 15 Feb 2006

Fair enough VoG™ ! Not used to xp yet, still in 98SE mode. Thought they might be a problem somewhere (had a few with connection issues) but if its normal, then sorted! Thanks!

  wobblymike 22:13 15 Feb 2006

As VoG™ says - if your connection is USB then you can safely disable it via Control panel - network connections - however if your modem has an ethernet output socket as well as USB then why not use it - its much better than usb if you have the option.

  giggsy 22:19 15 Feb 2006

I can disable it wobblymike? When I go into network connections in control panel though I have a 1394 connection (firewire?), aol dial-on-demand (do not delete) and the LAN connection. AOL dial-on-demand isn't connected, but the LAN connection is. My modem is connected via a USB port.

  wobblymike 06:54 16 Feb 2006

ok - do you have a cable plugged into the LAN socket on your PC?

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