Local Area Connection

  Lietuviux 14:24 30 Jun 2008

Ok i have this problem for 'bout a year and i cant fix this,
it allways says "Local Area Connection, Limited or no Connectivity" and internet connection is really slow because of this , but i can connect to the internet everytim i want , tho it disconnects me every 1-5 hours if iam lucky ~10 hours max :o I tried a lot of shiit but nothing helps so ill post some screens. btw it happened when i reinstalled my windows and i didnt knew what network adapter i need so i downloaded realtek.
Iam using modem to connect to the internet , iam not really good at this stuff so if anyone can help me it would be awesome !
[img]click here[/img]
[img]click here[/img]
[img]click here[/img]

[img]click here[/img]
[img]click here[/img]
[img]click here[/img]

B>So Please Help me ! Thanks for answers And sorry for bad english /B>

  brundle 17:35 30 Jun 2008

You're using an ADSL broadband-via-phone-line connection, correct? Make & model of modem? `DSL Takas` would suggest ADSL in which case the Local Area Connection is irrelevant. It's for your RJ45 network connector.

You can untick TCP/IP v6.

Check your cables and your ADSL filters.

  Lietuviux 18:55 30 Jun 2008

"You're using an ADSL broadband-via-phone-line connection, correct?" YES

"Make & model of modem?" ZXDSL 831All (831 Series)

Ok i unticked TCP/IP v6. i think my cables are good, but what about IP address 169.xxx.xxx.xxx , i saw ppl saying that its not good to have ip adress like that i tried everything but it doesnt help ;/

  brundle 00:31 01 Jul 2008

Again, that address is reported by your Local Area Connection/RJ45 - not relevant if you are connecting via a USB modem to ADSL broadband. 169 etc is an IP address allocated automatically by Windows when it can't find a DHCP server. As your RJ45/LAN connection is not connected to anything at all, that is the address-range that will appear when you check the settings.

ADSL connections and dropouts are confined to phone-line quality, distance from your local exchange, the speed of your PC to some extent as the machine has to convert a USB signal into network information, driver version/revision, modem/router make and model and firmware. You need to access the line-stats for your modem. This site has loads of excellent information about ADSL - click here

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