Local area connection 2

  NOVICE ENABLED 22:21 26 Jan 2005

My internet connection has been much slower over the last few days, the pages on some sites take an age to load. At the bottom of my screen near the clock I can see a small yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. When I point the cursor at it I get the message 'Local area connection 2, speed 576.0 kb Status: limited or no connectivity'. Also in system/device manager I have two yellow question marks, one next to 'other devices' and one next to 'PCI simple communication controller'. Is there a fault with my ISP (AOL) or my PC? I'm on Windows XP. Thanks.

  ACOLYTE 22:27 26 Jan 2005

I would say that either you have installed another lan card turned one on in the bios or made a copy of the first lan connection,other devices could be a firewire card if you have one,simple pci controller i would say is a modem,not sure.

  NOVICE ENABLED 23:01 26 Jan 2005

Clicked update driver, inserted drivers/utilities CD & rebooted. Yellow (?) in device manager gone, yellow (!) gone, now replaced with a red cross through 2 small monitors as it was originally. I also have the message ' Local area connection A network cable is unplugged. '

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