Loads of trouble with new Time PC

  taffyal 18:25 06 Apr 2004

A friend of mine was bought a Time PC, & has had nothing but trouble, the guarantee is worthless! It runs XP, & should have 128 ram- it only shows 96ram! It constantly disconnects from the internet, & keeps shutting down , giving various messages, "Generic Host process for Win32 services has ancountered a problem," " Shut down by NT authority, Remote Procedure Calls service terminated unexpectedly",& "svchost.exe Application error 0x77f5234c referenced memory at 0x7c54144c The memory couldnt be written". Time insist she phones an expensive help line before using their " back to base at your expense " guarantee. Not a lot of use to a pensioner who has never used a PC before! Can anyone advise please? By the way, it has a 2.1PCU, 40gig hard drive & as said, should have 128ram

  johnnyrocker 18:27 06 Apr 2004

your frind has caught a virus which is causing most if not all of those problems.


  Kate B 18:27 06 Apr 2004

128MB of ram isn't much for an XP machine for starters, and I suspect the reason it's only showing 96MB (def not enough) is that some of it is reserved for the graphics. Sounds like your friend has been sold a lemon ... others in this forum are better on the consumer rights angle, but I'd suggest she reject it to Time as not fit for its purpose.

  taffyal 18:28 06 Apr 2004

I tried to get PC Advisor on it & it said " your not authorised to access this site". Also, it shuts down most in Internet Explorer.

  VoG II 18:28 06 Apr 2004

Possibly got the Blaster virus.

First, Start, Run and type

shutdown -a

and click OK. This will give you more time.

Disable System Restore click here

Next, get the MS Patch. Without it you'll be reinfected every time you connect: click here

Then run either Stinger click here or the Norton removal tool click here or Microsoft's tool click here

When all is OK again, re-enable System Restore.

Does it have on-board graphics - if so that's where the "missing" 32MB is.

  johnnyrocker 18:29 06 Apr 2004

as i said


  MIke 18:32 06 Apr 2004

OK I'm no expert, but sounds like memory problems to me, maybe the ram isn't seated correctly inside the pc, or is faulty. Also 128MB doesn't seem much memory for running XP. As for it showing only 96MB it could be the other 32MB is shared with graphics card.
I still think this is too little memory for running XP reliably.

I'm sure others here will be able to help on the technical side.

How long has he had the PC? Has it been problematic from the start. Maybe he could reject it as unfit for its purpose under the sale of goods act.

Good luck.

  Forum Editor 18:41 06 Apr 2004

it might be wise to find out a little more.

The Blaster virus (for that's what is causing the shutdowns) is something that came via the Internet taffyal, and VoG™'s post tells you all you need to know about that.

As far as the RAM is concerned, it's true that 128Mb isn't very much by today's standards - how much did your friend pay for this machine as a matter of interest? The reason that Time are asking her to phone a helpline before returning the machine is amlost certainly because they know that the problem is virus-related. Are you able to help her deal with that aspect of the problem? Once the virus has been eliminated we can help with any other issues, although obviously the RAM configuration is not something that we can fix.

Is it possible that the computer's specification mentioned sharing RAM with the graphics, and your friend didn't realise the implications of that?

  taffyal 18:55 06 Apr 2004

Thanks everyone. She was under the impression that XP had a built in AVG, & so there is none installed. I think I can manage the instructions, I'll try tomorrow & let you know how I get on. Again, many thanks

  QQAA 19:05 06 Apr 2004

when the operating system itself is already consuming about 128MB of system memory, if i am not wrong.

hence, i think your system will be constantly accessing the so-called 'virtual memory', an aera of your harddisk whereby some running data are being kept due to inadequate system memory. it would tend to shorten the life-span of your harddisk mechanism due to non-stop operations.

however, your descrtiption of the problems did tally with the traits of the "W32-Blaster" worm as seen click here.

i think you can remove the worm and hopefully repair the infected registry by downloading any specific removal tool available, such as the "BLASTGUI" in this website click here.

  NGE 19:37 06 Apr 2004

lol i was running my old machine with windows xp on 64 mb ram, it worked fine except slow loading times. :P

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