Loading Windows XP on more than one computer

  mags65 02:21 25 Apr 2005

I recently built a comp for the first time (working extremely well if I say so myself). Anyway question is can I use the XP disc I bought for this computer on another computer that I may build in the future. Reason I ask is because of the activation of windows.Does this mean it can only be loaded on one computer system. It seems a lot of money for a disc if you can only use it once. I was thinking of doing one for the kids next.

  Catastrophe 03:52 25 Apr 2005

You can get around the activation process any number of times, but not legally.

  ventanas 09:30 25 Apr 2005

One disc - one computer. If you want to load it onto another machine (assuming it is a retail copy) you must uninstall it from the first PC before doing so. If it is OEM (bought with one of the components for the PC you built) then it is tied permanently to that computer, and cannot be transferred.

If you want to run XP on two computers you must buy two copies.

Personally I think the price of an XP disc is very reasonable. Less than half the cost of Photoshop.

  Dart Echo 09:48 25 Apr 2005

Less than half the cost of Photoshop.

Less than half the cost of very small Koi Carp.

Seriously though, you are in the wrong place here with such a question. You see, the thing is you don't buy "the disc", what you are paying for is the licence for ONE machine.

It's illegal to do what you are seeking to do but you can find many work-arounds on Google.

  ventanas 10:19 25 Apr 2005

A heron got all mine three years ago. Decided to give up. Also you are right in what you say. You buy a licence to use the software, not the software itself.

Sorry mags65, but no help with attempted piracy on here.

  Newuser4165 10:21 25 Apr 2005

You may like to read this article:-
click here

  Dart Echo 10:34 25 Apr 2005

Newuser4165, when MS first started this activation business with XP I said then that they're heading to charge a monthly rental.

Could be I'll be proved right someday soon.

  mags65 12:08 25 Apr 2005

Could you tell me then what happens if I have to do a clean XP install on my own computer if for instance something goes wrong. Will I be able to use the OEM copy again on this computer if that happens? Sorry if you all felt I was attempting to use your knowledge for illegal means, I can assure you I wasn't. I was just wondering how these things work. After all if you buy a TV Licence you can have more than one TV in the house, quite legally.Incidentally I could have obtained a copy of XP for free from someone when I was building this machine but instead opted to be Legal and buy my own, which I did. Anyway thanks for all your advice, I guess if someone ever asks me to do a computer for them I will just have to add in the price of a windows disk. (that way I can give them the copy with their computer, unlike my friend who never received hers).Anyone got any good sites for reasonably priced wondows OS discs

  goonerbill © ® 13:59 25 Apr 2005

ebay would be a good place to start. xp home/pro go for around £35+ in auction or you have the option of "buy it now" from some retailers and prices start at around £55. majority of the software is brand new or secondhand and some of it is pirate but they stick out like a sore thumb. to make sure that you are getting genuine software, look for the sellers feedback score (number next to there name) higher the better and most venders do state that the software is genuine (you can always email seller for clarification and all genuine sellers will be more than happy to reply). if you see something that is to good to be true, it usually is. also make sure that the software comes with the COA (certificate of authenticity).

  ventanas 14:26 25 Apr 2005

COA is irrelavant if the XP CD is OEM, as many of them on ebay are. The selling of OEM cd's over the Internet is actually prohibited by Microsoft. OEM versions of Windows can only be supplied by certified Microsoft system builders.

mags65, you can use the cd that was supplied with the computer as many times as you like, on that computer. It will always work, and activate. There is no restriction on the number of times you can reinstall Windows.

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