Loading Windows 98

  marischal 21:35 26 Sep 2006

Got a problem !!! I need to load Win 98 on my daughters Satellite Pro laptop but the DVD Drive on the laptop is knackered and a huge job to replace, it has a floppy drive.

I have an external USB AOpen combo drive but of course how do i access it from DOS to load windows.

The boot disks i have have generic CD Drivers on them but it just says 'no drive detected'

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  mattyc_92 21:38 26 Sep 2006

If you look in the BOIS setup, you should find a option (usually around the "Boot Proirity" section) that allows "power" to USB devices before Windows loads.

The programs you have should then detect the CD/DVD drive and work as if it was an internal one (well, that is the theory)

  marischal 21:44 26 Sep 2006

Checked that out, doesn't appear to be any reference to a USB port or whatever

  terryf 21:45 26 Sep 2006

I think I have win98 on floppies but would need to search for them, would they be any use, I live in dorset

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:04 26 Sep 2006

click here
This may work.

  terryf 22:36 26 Sep 2006

Sorry, my mind is going, went out to garage to look, 19 floppies of msoft word!!!

  marischal 22:55 26 Sep 2006

Thanks Hertz !! it says

Installing the DOS Driver
Copy the driver file
Create a directory on your boot device to store the executable driver files. As an example:
C:\> mkdir duse
C:\> copy sourcefiles c:\duse

Add the following text to your config.sys file:

How do i edit the config.sys file ??

  terryf 22:59 26 Sep 2006

open the config.sys file with notepad (or textpad) save as config.old and make changes then save as config.sys

  marischal 23:02 26 Sep 2006

Yeah but i only got the boot files on the laptop so far, not notepad, and config.sys doesn't appear on the boot floppy either


  marischal 23:25 26 Sep 2006

boo hoo no joy, thanks anyway

  terryf 23:31 26 Sep 2006

Do the config.sys changes on any computer with a floppy drive, all operating systems load notepad as a basic component

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