Loading talk talk Broadband using vista

  popali 13:00 21 Mar 2007

Can Broadband be loaded using the supplied disc?. the letter from Talk talk says we can load by following a few instuctions. We have tried this several times and failed. Talktalk say that our broadband is up and running at their end .No connection lights on modem. Have tried all the usual checks. Not to familure with Vista yet.

  Technotiger 14:07 21 Mar 2007

Hi, I am afraid you will find that TalkTalk broadband modems are not Vista compatible.

  Stuartli 15:33 21 Mar 2007

Did you install the software and drivers before connecting the modem?

TalkTalk provides a run through of how to install broadband using its disk, although I can't find any mention of Vista related problems. See:

click here

I use XP Pro so no difficulties in this area with a wired modem router.

  popali 17:05 21 Mar 2007

Stuartli Thanks We tried a few cobinations to install talk talk. The instructions were to install without using the CD provided because we had vista installed. The installation letter gave one or two codes to fill in to complete the intallation. We did this before connecting the Modem (As instructed)

  Stuartli 17:44 21 Mar 2007

If, as Technotiger has suggested, TT's modems are not Vista compatible, then it should replace your modem with one that does.

However, if it's a Speedtouch 330 USB modem, then a beta driver for Vista can be acquired from:

click here

However, the Sagem [email protected] 800 still only seems to have drivers up to XP level:

click here

On the other hand you may have the wireless modem that TT also offers.......

  rodriguez 17:53 21 Mar 2007

You say there are no connection lights on the modem - there should be lights if there was a connection, regardless of what operating system you're using. Take the modem to your main phone point, plug it in and see if the DSL light comes on - it should do, if it doesn't then it doesn't look like it's connecting to the service at all.

  popali 23:17 28 Mar 2007

Problam not realy resolved. We have sent everything back to talk talk because they do not want to talk talk with any degree of sense. they actualy sent us another set up disc which made we now had three but still no connection. Can't seem to communicate with each other.

  spiker 23:39 31 Mar 2007

This modem will work just fine with TalkTalk and Windows Vista. Do not use the TalkTalk CD at all.

You will not be able to use this modem/router with the USB connection. You must use only the Ethernet connection.

See click here for more detailed instructions.

  woodchip 00:06 01 Apr 2007

If you get a Router Modem you will not need drivers

  Stuartli 12:29 01 Apr 2007

To add to spiker's comment, this is one of the three modems that TalkTalk offers. See:

click here

  blah blah 07:08 05 Apr 2007

after being messed about by talk talk for a couple of weeks waiting for the updated modem they promised,i got fed up of waiting and bought a belkin wireless router and i got set up straight away and i was surfin within a few mins!

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