Loading Problems with LG 16X Multi DVD/CD Rewriter

  Solartopi 14:07 11 Feb 2007

Hi Gurus,

When I put a data CD into this drive it does not open up. The Green Light on the Drive keeps Flashing then stops for a few moments then starts flashing again and nothing happens. When I Click the Drive in My Computer the screen freezes and the Hour Glass is constantly there. But it does work with Audio CDs.

I have XP Pro OS.

Can anyone please Help!!!


  Rtus 14:11 11 Feb 2007

what happens if you put a fresh blank dvd in the drive?

  Solartopi 14:42 11 Feb 2007


I get the NERO Opening Window asking what I wish to do.


  Diodorus Siculus 14:45 11 Feb 2007

How old is it?

Will it read data DVDs?

  Rtus 14:59 11 Feb 2007

I think you mean windows opening (option to burn with nero/autorun empty cd /burn movie -power producer/etc /take no action .

If so cancel that then go straight into my computer or explorer see if any files are waiting to be written to the drive? if there are delete them .
go now into nero wizard & set-up for a data disc check configuration & from there to test the burner

  Solartopi 15:21 11 Feb 2007

Diodorus Siculus,

Any data CD put in does not work.


  Solartopi 15:23 11 Feb 2007

Diodorus Siculus,

Oh sorry, its about 18 months since I've had it installed.


  Diodorus Siculus 15:36 11 Feb 2007

I ask about DVDs as opposed to CDs as they read with a different laser; if it reads DVDs it may be that the CD laser has failed.

  Solartopi 15:39 11 Feb 2007


I just put my Seagate software CD into the drive and that opened up.

May be it's that particular CD that be be faulty.

Is there a way to tell if the CD is faulty?


  Rtus 16:24 11 Feb 2007

Seagate software CD that opened up .I asume this is the dvd/cd drive your refering to ...if so that indicates niether the cd/dvd read lasers are at fault! however carry out my posting ,maybe a software / resorces issue

  Solartopi 17:05 11 Feb 2007

Rtus/Diodorus Siculus ,

That Seagate CD is for the Seagate External hard drive. I tried it out in the DVD/CD drive in question. I've just tried playing a DVD, yes and it played, I ran the DVD for about 15 mins. I also played a audio CD again & that too played Okay.

That particular CD in question that didn't work prompted me to get on the Forum. Its a Web Design CD & may be that is faulty. If all else works. Its a brand new CD. Thank goodness my LG 16X Multi DVD/CD Rewriter seems okay now. I bought it at a discount 1/2 price from PC World.

Any way thanks very much for all the HELP. At least my minds at rest now.

Sorry if I have put you to any trouble. Thanks for your time.


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