loading os on laptop, no cdrom

  RENNO 22:45 31 Mar 2003

i have been giving an oldish compaq laptop and decided it would be a good pc for my daughter to use but the previous owner formatted the hard drive ! no probs me thinks but then i realise ther is no cd rom only a floppy drive !!! so i just wondered if anyone knew of a way to load win 98se on to laptop without a cdrom as my telepathic skills are little rusty at present?? any help would be appreciated cheers reno

  bfoc 23:28 31 Mar 2003

Was to buy a copy of Win 95 on disks, if you don't already have one. They are readily available and fairly cheap on a number of sites. Make sure you get original disks and certificate though!

Then I was able to use an external CD drive, designed for Windows, which connected via the parallel port to upgrade to WIn 98. If you don't have such a device ask around, borrowing hardware is not copyrighted!

Not simple but it worked.

Of course it may well be possible to network the portable and use a CD across the network, but I have no experience of that!

Best of luck.

  woodchip 23:49 31 Mar 2003

But what about all the software you need a CD drive even when you have the OS loaded

  DieSse 00:28 01 Apr 2003

I would wonder whether a laptop without a CD ROM can actually run Win98SE. What is it's specification?.

Maybe you should be thinking about Win3.1 instead?

  bfoc 10:26 01 Apr 2003

Well if you can get access to a suitable CD Drive you can load any software on. Also it is quite easy to get hold of earlier versions of Office suites (particularly Lotus Smartsuite) on floppy! Ok, it does mean a lot od disk swapping to install, but it is workable.

My daughter has been using an old second/third hand Toshiba laptop (Pentium 100, 40 mb memory 850 Mb hard drive) with no CD for 3.5 years. She uses Win 95 & Lotus Smartsuite. It has been a great machine for her.

Once something like this is set up properly it is fine!

  RENNO 21:28 02 Apr 2003

its a 120hz pentium , 40mb ram, 1.5g hdd , it is also for my daughter and also i like a challenge . i might try win 95 as i have it although also it is on cd , is there anyway of transfering it onto cd ?

  bfoc 22:57 02 Apr 2003

I don't know of a way, but someone here may manage help, but it would take about 13 disks

Win 95 is not expensive on floppy and now MS are not supporting it should be cheaper still. Perhaps if you (or no-one else) are using your CD copy of Win 95 you could swop it for a disk version?

Just trying to think laterally!

  Switcher 23:55 02 Apr 2003

Connect laptop to PC via laplink cable.

Insert win98cd in PC CDrom.

copy WIN98CD to Laptop HDD ( If BIG enogh)

Install win98cd onto laptop from HDD

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