loading mp3 music to website as intro

  naughtydevil121 12:44 19 Feb 2006

anyone know how i can shrink mp3 so i can load to web intro page. i need to convert the mp3 to a smaller file ie less than 2mb. or do i have to convert the mp3 to another format.

  DrScott 12:50 19 Feb 2006

Then just increase the compression ratio, which will reduce sound quality. Depending on the software you're using there is usually an option to change the quality of the compression in the 'convert to mp3' section. Of course, there is only so far you can go before the quality is too awful!

  mco 12:53 19 Feb 2006

Many people are put off by the sound of music (or anything) as they access a website

  DrScott 14:46 19 Feb 2006

Well that's true.

Just because it can be done, does not necessarily mean it should.

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