loading drivers in GHOST 2003

  blackjohn 11:39 13 Dec 2004

I have been experiencing problems with GHOST 2003 and my external Hard Drive. (GHOST supplied with the IOMEGA drive)

My other thread about error 36000, has ony brought one response, e.g loading ghost from DOS.

In that thread I highlighed the fact that I didn't have any mouse control (Logitech Cordless)

Further investigation on using the normal method of using ghost 2003 _ I found under Advanced Settings that the mouse and my Wacom Tablet is not recognised.

In the USER FILES section there is place where you can Add Drivers.

My question is how do I do this

  Diodorus Siculus 13:34 13 Dec 2004

I don't know about that - is there any way that you can add a ps2 mouse / keyboard? Borrow from a friend or even buy a cheap combo pair?

  blackjohn 14:17 14 Dec 2004

Yes I was one step ahead I bought a cheap PS2mouse
but it doesn't seem to work, whether the logitech and wacom drivers overcome the ps2 input to prevent to many mouse inputs I am not sure.

I even disconnected the logitech usb input, but obviously the driver software is still enabled

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