Lloyds TSB "Certificate error" - what is this?

  KorgY 16:45 16 Sep 2008


I looged on to my Lloyds TSB online banking today, as usual, but was greeted by a "CERTIFICATE ERROR" (security repport), and a "display blocked content", ""whats at risk?"" etc

When I clicked on the certificate error (marked by a shield with a cross on), I was prompted: "Certificate Expired" or "Is not yet Valid"

Well, with whats going on in the world this week regarding banks etc, I'm a bit cautious here to click the Lloyds TSB Website ("Continue to this website Not recommended"

Anyone know why I got this prompt?



  KorgY 16:59 16 Sep 2008

It's ok ,

I've sorted it now (resolved) (Bios-related)


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