Lloyds TSB Bank plc

  Noels 09:58 11 Jan 2004

LLoyds TSB Bank plc
I have just received a request from Lloyds asking me to verify my bank and credit card details. Which of course I ignored. I think this is similar to the one from Barclays that was circulating about a month ago ??
Are these requests generated at random or do the senders have lists of people with their bank details ??

Regards Noels

  sidecar sid 10:09 11 Jan 2004

Advice from LloydsTSB website

fraudulent emails

11/12/03 - Several of our customers have been contacted by fraudulent emails alleging to be from Lloyds TSB. These emails contained a link that when accessed displayed a screen asking customers to enter their Internet banking User ID, Password and Memorable Information in full. These emails were not genuine, please be advised that Lloyds TSB never sends emails that ask for your Internet banking log on details to be recorded, in full, in this way.
If you ever receive such an email, please do not respond and forward the message immediately to [email protected]. If you are concerned that you may have divulged any details please call our helpline immediately on 0845 3000 116 (+44 20 7649 9437 from overseas) Textphone (if you have a hearing or speech impairment): 0845 3002280 (+44 141 303 6314 from overseas)

  Noels 10:26 11 Jan 2004

sidecar sid

Thanks I hadn't seen that information. It still begs the question. Do these people know who banks whith which bank or are these requests random chance requests?


  Border View 10:47 11 Jan 2004

Needs to go back to the top of the list.

  Noels 10:50 11 Jan 2004


  Forum Editor 10:51 11 Jan 2004

is sent out at random - many people who don't use the bank have nevertheless received the mailing.

  Noels 10:52 11 Jan 2004

Thanks for that. I will now tick resolved


  sidecar sid 12:57 11 Jan 2004

LloydsTSB have been very quick to post advice regarding this latest threat on there homepage,it wasn't there when i posted earlier,so full marks to them.

  Stuartli 15:15 11 Jan 2004

Most banks have this warning on their websites.

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