living without a landline

  barn 01:13 28 Apr 2003

I'm in the final stages of buying a narrowboat to live on. One of my main worries is that I'll have no landline. I've been looking at mobiles and connectivity to the net but I've seen nothing so far that is affordable. Am I going to have to give up this leisurely life of being part of PCAdvisors forum or is there a way around the horrendous costs involved??
Thanks for any help.
(I intend to buy a laptop and mobile at the moment)

  John-259217 01:30 28 Apr 2003

If anyone has a way I`d be interested too! My GPRS bills resemble the national debt of small third world country! Seriously though, its possible to stay online via mobiles but I`m hoping to find a way of linking it with a satelite BB for the downlink side. So far I haven`t found a suitable sattelite modem for a laptop, they all seem to be PCI cards. However this would still work out pretty costly and may not work to well on a boat. Post back if you want more about life with GPRS.

  barn 01:49 28 Apr 2003

I've been looking at GPRS but although viable for technology and connectivity, its still hugely expensive. More than twice what i pay for a silly 56k from BT. I still see no way around the costs involved to justify it to my partner? (She will be happy with a laptop that does word processing! and who can blame her). I'm looking for a realistic way of staying connected without the huge download costs involved in a mobile contract. No such thing I suppose!!

  tbh72 03:13 28 Apr 2003

It is possible to reduce your cost's when you connect to the internet via a mobile, however it's only feasible if you intend to spend alot of time on the net.

Firstly, get yourself a suitable tarriff, eg offpeak 750. Secondly, look for an ISP whom will allow you to access your account VIA a standard telephone number. It's mainly the local ISP's which allow this. Hey-Presto, you have 750 minutes / month for the cost of the tarriff & also the ISP.

It's not perfect, but it's definately the cheapest option, connection speeds are only about 14Kbps though.

  colberly 10:12 28 Apr 2003

Take a look at this site
click here if you scroll to the archives and look in there, there are several articles re net on the move. The site is run by boat owners for boaters and may give you some answers.

  barn 12:31 30 Apr 2003

thanks, that's given me a few ideas. I still think it will be a while till I can afford it though!

  Mango Grummit 12:48 30 Apr 2003

I was reading an article on this recently (using the internet via mobile phones) and apparently the charges are made by the kilobyte. Ammusingly one contributor asked if the accountants, who work these things out, actually know what a kilobyte is :o)

  vaughan007 13:26 30 Apr 2003

14 in your 750 minutes you get to look at 2 web pages?

Sorry...bad joke.

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