livebox&third party wireless adaptor

  charlie12 16:43 30 Sep 2006

after installing "livebox" from orange i now find my linksky wireless adaptor does not connect so have lost network. orange cant help as they are trained on their adaptors only. how do i set up a third party adaptor

  Pidder 19:00 30 Sep 2006

I have a Livebox which I connect my laptop to. I was thinking of getting a USB wireless adapter to connect my desktop PC. isn't it just a case of setting up a local area network between the two PCs?

  charlie12 17:39 02 Oct 2006

i ve set the work group up the same as when i was using same make but the computers wont talk. am i missing something. live box is router, linksky is adaptor live box people didnt want to know about third party adaptors

  Pidder 18:58 02 Oct 2006

Perhaps you should post your query in the "Networking" forum.

  charlie12 09:19 20 Oct 2006

i know its been a fortnight but have now a happy network up and running. after much messing about i realised that on livebox configuration the ssid code was different to the one on my machine.made them both what was on the base of the machine and everything went straight through. hope this can be of help to others

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