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  Ben Avery 12:01 29 Nov 2004

Is there a simple way to link a live webcam to an internet page designed in html of flash to run 24/7?


  Forum Editor 17:25 29 Nov 2004

to do this Ben, and if you
click here'll find an easy-to-use and relatively inexpensive ($34) program which fits the bill perfectly.

  Ben Avery 15:28 30 Nov 2004

Jubly - I'll give it a look!


  Ben Avery 11:45 02 Dec 2004

That software was perfect and even has the extra option I wanted to check about "Fast Cam" for more of a "live" streaming image.

A few questions:

1. Let's say that the image was to be uploaded at a rate of 1 per second or streamed "live", what sort of upload traffic would I be looking at with 1 or 10 cameras linked to some new webspace?

2. I host sites with 1and1 and wonder which package would be most cost effective if I end up streaming about 10+ cameras to a central page?

A little illustration to show the projects intent (This is not the actual setup as that's being kept confidential at present so nobody steals ideas but offers the same in theory!):

Let's say a head office want's to monitor 10 or more of their offices using webcams linked to 10 dedicated PC's on Constant Broadband connections.

From a central "contents" style webpage they have thumbnail images of each office and on clicking each image they open a new page containing the pertinent "live" camera feed.

That's the gist of the theory anyway. Is this simply a case of buying coffeecup for each of the PC's, setting up the ftp setting to seperate directories on the web server (say click here on each and "Office1" folder, "Office2" folder etc. for the various sites), then setting the cameras to Fast Cam setting and letting it rip?

If so, would a crazy amount of bandwidth/traffic allowance be needed to run it?

Any comments welcome (but please don't go into "privacy" etc as the example above is purely that, an example - the real use for it is far different!)


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