live radio streaming how do I

  caast©? 17:39 05 Feb 2004

I was trying to listen to BBC radio this afternoon live on the internet, and it appears I cannot do so.

On the site I downloaded a file with a RPM. extension, but media player does not recognise this.

I have windows XP Pro version with broadband internet through pipex.

Can anyone help me with the software I require to listen to internet radio. M

  DAG88 17:56 05 Feb 2004

Open Windows Media Player and select the radio tuner on the left of the window then search for the radio station you want

  caast©? 18:55 05 Feb 2004

No joy here just cannot find station

currently downloading media player update to series 9

  The Nuclear Boy Scout 18:57 05 Feb 2004

To listen or watch BBC Online Content, you will need RealPlayer. Real can be a real pain if you don't download the right piece of software (unless you want adverts and to pay for it). The free version is called RealPlayer basic.

The RealPlayer installer can be found here:

click here

Just make sure when you make your choices, that you choose RealPlayer basic.

Hope it helps.

  caast©? 19:15 05 Feb 2004

Will try real player but;

Why can I listen to BBC world service on Media player but not Radio Five Live?

  caast©? 19:22 05 Feb 2004

Real PLayer did the trick
But still wondering why cannot do this from website or Media player M

Anyway resolved now

  The Nuclear Boy Scout 19:24 05 Feb 2004

Different companies use different forms of streaming media. BBC have used RealPlayer for a few years now - others use MediaPlayer because each piece of software and form of streaming provide different advantages. It is whatever is most appropriate to the content the company wishes to stream.

RealPlayer was, I believe, one of the biggest players in streaming media a few years ago. Now, there is a healthy amount of competition - it only serves to provide better quality content for us, but unfortunately it also requires us to download several pieces of software.

Like you may do, I use the BBC News Online site video and audio streams so much now that I don't think I could be on the internet without RealPlayer anymore! (I know, it's sad, but I think the BBC News Online site is a truly fantastic site).

For an alternative to Real Player click here
It works a treat with the BBC site.

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