live messenger encounters a problem and closes a lot

  Ellen G 10:42 21 Dec 2011

I've had this message for over a month and now occurs pretty much everytime I use it to go to my live hotmail inbox. It's a plain computer I used for work, XP sP3, ie8, patched with AVAST pro as antivirus. Scanned, uninstalled and reinstalled four times, twice by experts, repaired twice, to no avail. Messenger made my life easy. Have sent error messages to microsoft who are studying it but they won't use remote programme to look what is running and might be causing a conflict. Same problem occurs on laptop, also XP, but not installed updates for a while. Apart from Flash. Router person says it can't be router.

It's all very stressful for this retired silver surfer.

  howard64 17:15 22 Dec 2011

try starting in safe mode with networking by pressing F8 before windows starts to load this will cut out a lot of the services etc that start up when windows starts normally. Once running use google to find hotmail sign in. If this works you know it is something that starts with windows which is causing your problems. 1 silver surfer to another.

  Ellen G 17:35 22 Dec 2011

Messenger is opening two copies of hotmail. You can see the two windows. Reinstalling windows, even clean, did not resolve the issue and microsoft has no idea. Someone suggested removing something in the registry, but old and scared. This is not the right time to experiment with registry settings. Maybe after Xmas.

  howard64 06:52 23 Dec 2011

did you try safe mode? if so what was the result?

  rdave13 08:24 23 Dec 2011

I've read that the 'remember me' box ticked can do this. So if you can live with having to log in all the time try unticking the 'remember me' box.

  Ventad 08:41 23 Dec 2011

This has started happening on my two computers over the last couple of weeks, Vista and windows 7. I took it as a momentry drop on the internet connection as nothing else dropped out, so I will have to look into it more as well.

  rdave13 08:50 23 Dec 2011

Have a look at this thread. I don't seem to have this reg key.

  Ellen G 09:56 23 Dec 2011

I found the reg key as well. Worth a try when I am brave enough.



  Ellen G 15:01 21 Jan 2012

No effect. Clean reinstalled ie8 and WLE again. Fine for a day, then it reoccurs. A drag.

  rdave13 16:43 21 Jan 2012

Have a look here.

  T0SH 16:49 21 Jan 2012

I do not know a great deal about windows live messenger but check if you have your mail starting from two places, like an entry in the start up folder and a tick in the properties settings section which says to start with windows ?

Cheers HC

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