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  Newuser3477 11:03 18 May 2012

When I select attach and then select a picture from my pictures file this doesn't appear as a file reference in the email send window. If I try to do the same with a word document the document does appear as an attachemnt and will send oK. The picture does appear in the body of the email message window but the email wont send and stays in the outbox. Eventually I get the usual error cant send message box. Any ideas why photos wont attach to the email send box I have tried many different photos all below 1MB in size Thanks

  bebbo 20:49 21 May 2012

Download Mozilla Thunderbird instead....much better

  Woolwell 21:47 21 May 2012

How are you attaching your picture? It should appear as an attachment like the word document and not in the body of the e-mail. This may help attach files to e-mail

  Newuser3477 23:40 21 May 2012

Thanks for suggestions. The trouble is it has worked fine for months even years now. A word document appears as an attachment fine but a jpg photo doesn't any more, whether photo appears in body of text or not. Any more ideas? Thanks Peter

  Woolwell 18:38 22 May 2012

Sorry but I don't use Windows Live Mail. It could be a problem with sky drive.

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