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  woodchip 10:19 19 Oct 2009

I am at the moment downloading Ubuntu Linux, when I have created the Image on the CD, How do I know that it will be a Live CD, not a Install? as I am going to try it on my XP Laptop. And no wish to mess up my XP Disc

  woodchip 10:41 19 Oct 2009


  cream. 11:59 19 Oct 2009

select boot from cd and restart with cd in the tray.

It should start the installation and you should have a choice to run from cd or install on a partition.

Choose run from disk and nothing will be installed on the harddisk.

  woodchip 12:11 19 Oct 2009

Thank's all for the above, and thanks to Marg7 for the video

  LastChip 13:10 19 Oct 2009

on Thursday, the 29 October, there will be a new version (9.10 Karmic Koala) that looks like it's going to be a leap forward compared to the excellent version you all ready have.

These distributions (known as distros) are updated every six months, so you get leading edge technology all the time; for free!

Incidentally, the Windows 7 desktop, is a rip-off of KDE, (you'll be using Gnome in Ubuntu), another desktop manager that is available via Kubuntu, PCLinuxOS, SuSE and others.

  woodchip 14:17 19 Oct 2009

I am typing this in Ubuntu, Just had to change from US to UK keyboard and settings

  woodchip 14:19 19 Oct 2009

Yes this version is 9.04

  woodchip 14:26 19 Oct 2009

Its come a long way since I last used it. Can get at my photos without any Problems on the Hard Drive. Plus I got a Newsletter from Zdnet saying that its best to use a Live linux CD for online banking and buying as nothing can get onto a CD and no info is kept.

It may be a bit slow doing it this way but if its safer who cares.

Plus no Viruses or Bandits can get on my System

  LastChip 14:38 19 Oct 2009

As an aside, I've been involved in a discussion elsewhere about sophisticated new generation Trojans affecting Windows. Specifically, the ability of these nasty little piece of code to get right into secure sessions including on-line banking for example.

As far as I know, there are (as yet) no versions that affect Linux and as there is an element of writing needed for this code to work, an ideal solution is to use a Linux "Live CD", to carry out on-line banking transactions. Linux succeeds in two areas. First, as it's a CD, it cannot be written to and second, the Linux architecture stifles any attempt for the code to execute.

Food for thought.

  LastChip 14:39 19 Oct 2009


  DieSse 15:35 19 Oct 2009

I'm using Mint, woodchip. Mint is based on Ubuntu, but already has full DVD and music playing capabilities without downloading any extras. Having tried both I find Mint a bit more polished and complete.

I installed it on a Lenove laptop yesterday, and in no time it was up and working with ALL the peripherals going, including wifi, camera etc. Putting XP on the sam laptop was a royal pain, with updates, drivers ad nauseam.

I'm putting Win7 on later to triple boot.

Try Mint - I almost guarantee you'll find it a better "Ubuntu Plus" experience.

I've got Skype, Spotify, Google Earth, Picasa, and much more, already running under Mint.

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