Little or No Connectivity Problem

  fastestdogever 23:28 07 Sep 2008

I’ve been having internet connection problems, and really-really-really appreciate any help I can get. I’m running XP Media Center Version 2002 with Service Pack 3. I don’t have a router, just a modem.

I installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009, which automatically uninstalled Ad-Aware and Spybot. Approximately the same time I installed SP3. I’m not sure which one was the problem, but I’m guessing the Anti-Virus.

Since then, pages will only load in my browser (Firefox or IE) for about 10 minutes before I continually get Page Load/Unavailable errors. If I reboot my computer, I’ll be able to browse web pages for another ten minutes. If I re-boot my modem I’m still unable to load pages.

However, after ten minutes, I am still able to use Google Talk, GMail (it’ll load in my browser), and Internet Hearts/Checkers/Reversi/etc. for another half-hour or so.
I’m by no means a computer expert, but I’ve tried fiddling with a few things.

Under “Network Connections” I have 3 connections: 1394 Connection, Local Area Connection, and Local Area Connection 4. I’m not sure what 1394 does, but it says it’s connected. LAN4 is connected. LAN1, however, says “Little or No Connectivity”. Under “Details” it gives me a Physical Address, IP Address and Subnet Mask, but nothing for Default Gateway, DNS Server or WINS Server.
I’ve tried the “Repair” button for LAN1, but it gets stuck on “Renewing your IP address” and finally says that it is unable to renew my IP. I’ve tried renewing & releasing my IP through Command Prompt.

I came across somewhere else that said a similar problem is “Winsock Corruption”. I used Microsoft’s wizard and am still having the same problems.

I’ve spent numerous hours on the phone with Time Warner/Road Runner and they sent a service tech out. The tech checked all the cables from the pole on the road to my computer and said everything was working correctly. I have a new modem and a new cable that connects from the modem to my computer. Before I got the new modem & cable, a tech suggested I switch the cable from the computer to the modem and vice-versa. I had full internet for about 30 seconds before it went out again.

This has been going on for over 2 weeks now, and it’s starting to drive me crazy. It may be an issue with Time Warner, and another technician is coming out tomorrow, but if I can fix it on my own I’d be happy.

Once again, any help is extremely appreciated. Thanks!


  birdface 23:31 07 Sep 2008

Try turning Kaspersky of and see if you still get problems.Use the windows Firewall temporary.And see if that makes any difference.

  fastestdogever 23:39 07 Sep 2008

I've completely uninstalled (and then reinstalled) Kaspersky and turned off Windows Firewall, but still have the same problem.

  birdface 23:44 07 Sep 2008

What anti-virus did you have before Kaspersky.Right click local area connection and press repair and see if it comes up with any fault.1934 is Firewire card connection but not sure what that is.

  birdface 23:52 07 Sep 2008

Sorry i am not much of a help you need someone else to jump in and give you the information that you need.I was only filling in until someone else came on to help.

  fastestdogever 23:52 07 Sep 2008

I had CA Anti-Virus (came with Road Runner). Kaspersky uninstalled CA, Spybot & AdAware when I installed it.

When I try to repair the local area connection it stays on “Renewing your IP address” and finally says that: Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action could not be completed: Renewing your IP address.

  woodchip 00:03 08 Sep 2008

As the computer Got built in Wireless? if it as disable it in Device Manager

  birdface 00:10 08 Sep 2008

Maybe turn the modem off for a minute then back on and leave for 2 minutes.Sorry but can't help with renewing your Ip address I am sure someone will give you the correct here never used it before but may be worth a try.

  fastestdogever 00:15 08 Sep 2008


No, my computer doesn't have built in wireless.


I don't think it's my modem - I've rebooted everything at lease twenty times, and my replacement modem is doing the same thing.

I did try Microsoft's Winsock fix, but I'll try that link as well.

  brundle 00:22 08 Sep 2008

Not an IP problem (you do get an IP address otherwise you'd never connect to the net at all), not an application problem (you can use a variety of apps that need internet access, albeit slowly). Winsock or and LSP problem - did you have teatimer, immunization etc running in Spybot? I recently installed Kaspersky 2009 on a machine with Spybot and it didn't remove Spybot for me, just complained about corrupt databases until I removed it myself (not before disabling the immunization). Are you sure every element of the other programs was removed? Download any/all of them, disconnect from the net, remove Kaspersky again, install and undo any modifications or immunization provided by both, uninstall,re install Kaspersky.

  fastestdogever 02:02 08 Sep 2008

What type of modifications or immunizations? I tried uninstalling/reinstalling/etc., and now it has switched from local area connection to local area connection 4 that isn't connecting right.

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