A little light relief

  JFT 16:34 29 Jun 2004

The mind bogles!
click here

  john-232317 17:36 29 Jun 2004

Thats interesting, now i feel like Einstein ;-))

  end 17:53 29 Jun 2004

ok. but just HOW do you annihalate that STUPID "flasher/bouncer" box at the top of that screan WITHOUT clicking on the X to gt rid OF it????????

and , right now, I for one ( or "end"!!), could well do WITH some laughable and "decent" "light releif"....sensbile suggestions please, after what I have just leanrt........ my "whinsicleness" seems to have " gone out the window" right now......

  Dorsai 18:07 29 Jun 2004

Can believe it....some bods are really goood at what they do (Washing machine repairs) but chuck them a curve ball about their PC (or car) and common sence seems uncommon...

Had it today at work....'since you replaced my headlamp my reverse lights dont work'

  Indigo 1 18:12 29 Jun 2004

Why does it make me feel sooo good to hear stuff like that from our cousins in America ?

  end 18:18 29 Jun 2004

needless to say I am NOT a car mechanic (!!!!), but what is so wrong WITH "my reverse lights dont work"????

perhaps they work off the same fuse??????( you never know!!!!!!!!)

AND...wher IS th thingi to switch OFF that HORRID pop-/flasher/ in thingi that is on that "click here".....my Guard IE "ignores " it.........

  Totally-braindead 18:28 29 Jun 2004

I love this site, it reminds me of some of the daft questions my mates have asked.

  end 18:31 29 Jun 2004

but, to " coin a phrase"... "where is the thingi to stop that "flasher""...SOMEONE........if I click on it I will be inundated with stuff I do not want...........

  Dorsai 18:36 29 Jun 2004

I'm not from USA, and

The headlamp is at the front....The reverse lights are at the back.....the reason they dont work is that the bulbs have blown and you had not noticed, but after we fixed your headlamp you check the rest of the car over to make sure we have not damaged it (after you got it home) and notice that the reverse lights dont work..you then assume we have messed up, and don't even think to check the simplest thing (IE. the bulb has blown)...

eg....since you (the washing machine repair man) fixed my Zanussi my lawn mower won't go...

or, 'you replaced my headlmap bulb last week and now the boot won't open....'

or 'i parked my car in your car park (without asking), to go and watch the footy in the pub over the road, and now it won't start, what are you gonna do about it.....'

  hugh-265156 18:40 29 Jun 2004
  end 18:46 29 Jun 2004

BUT....???who says that the headlamp did NOT blow the reversing light??? can you PROVE it??????

and the headlamp bulb fuse could have "fused" the boot lock shut....

and the man from ZANUSSI nicked a part FROm the lawnmover, so of COURSE iT will not go........

BUT...how do I GET RID OF that horrid pop up thingi????????

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