A little Heavy Handed Don't you Think PCA?

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 10:17 28 Mar 2003

I refer to the recent thread "Help Me" click here and the problems that a member is having in getting details of the Strewth Op Sys by Flecc.

There are a couple of points I would like to make, first, I have received an email that suggests that the members command of English is not wonderful, second, there was no abusive, derogatory or libelous comments in the thread at all. Yes - I can understand some thinking that it was a wind up but when both I and Madboy33 have received emails, I think he is serious.

I know that PCA is not distributing the Strewth op sys via this forum, and rightly so. However, to lock the thread seems a little heavy handed when it does appear on close examination to be a genuine thread asking for assistence whhich is what I thought this was all about?

As Fleccs thread was allowed to run for some 15 pages, I fail to see the problem?

  Eagie 10:44 28 Mar 2003

Many requests are made for addresses of download sites - and even when they aren't asking for such information directly members answers often contain a link to other software sites. So what was the difference in this case?

If I asked anyone where I could download an image viewer from would the thread be locked?

If PCA are going to start making decisions on which links are acceptable via this forum, as it seems to me they have done in this case, will they also look at people's retailer recommendations and block any threads that mention a company they have a personal dislike of?

  tbh72 10:47 28 Mar 2003

Strewth is NOT available for d/l though, flecc explained that it wouldn't be possible as each version would be different to suit the h/w configurations

  Eagie 11:06 28 Mar 2003

Ok, my mistake about mentioning download sites as it doesn't apply to Strewth (I haven't read all of the original thread about Strewth as it is just so long). But I still don't understand why PCA locked the thread.

  Djohn 11:16 28 Mar 2003

I too have had a look at the site referred to in the link, and it does appear to be a legitimate chinese website, (Even though I don't speak or understand a word of chinese.

I think that the problem for PCA is the fact that the word of flecc's O/S has spread literally all over the world, I have received request for information from family/friends in Australia, and America.

Also from reading various reports from other web based information sources, it does seem that there is a misunderstanding that flecc's O/S is available from/through PCA, and the overall impression is that PCA is involved in the development/distribution of this.

Under these circumstances it is understandable why PCA have to distance themselves from the O/S developed by flecc.

Also in just the few post since the thread had been opened, it had already started to descend in to a cry of "Please remove this thread, It's a wind up" debate. regards J.

Djohn - I totally agree and am ticking as "resolved" as this was not my intention.

I have received another email from our Chinese friend confirming that it is indeed Fleccs system that he is interested in and details as to how to go about getting it, so it really was a genuine thread.

As to the success of Fleccs O/S. I would have thought PCA would have been pleased to be referenced in foreign sites and perhaps generate more interest in overseas subscriptions, but I do also understand that if there has been a huge demand and email requests to PCA for the download that they need to prevent what would soon be an administrative nightmare!

I was really only concerned tha the thread was locked so abruptly and without much explination or courtesy to a foreign visitor.

End of subject!

  woodchip 14:01 28 Mar 2003

Well it is just a Help forum, not a developer’s forum. But it was interesting while we could have a read and comment on it. But that's life

  woodchip 14:03 28 Mar 2003

PS you have got to learn to ride the punches. Especially when you get to my and Flecc's age

  Soy (AKA tran1) 14:23 28 Mar 2003


Having Partially read fleccs enourmous thread, I assume its based on Microsofts windows 98. Therefore it still has copyright and conditions on its use. i.e No sharing or distrubution of the system.

Even though Flecc has heavily modified it its still has some microsoft innards and therefore distrubuting it would be illegal just as distrubuting Windows Xp is illegal.

PCA is just protecting themeselves (in case of legal action of some sort)in not allowing distrubution of a copyrighted OS through their site.

This is what I think, I'm not sure on how much Strewth is of Microsoft.

  Ben Avery (Work) 14:26 28 Mar 2003

...Microsoft just offer the man a job eh?

On second thoughts, they'd have nothing to sell for YEARS after that!

Just as well flecc ain't into the hole "money Trip"


  graham 14:34 28 Mar 2003

Why don't we email 525342 to say sorry - Djohn is very diplomatic in these things so I nominate him. Just to say read this thread and when you next post don't mention the 'S' word.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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