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  woofwoofbark 11:44 05 Nov 2005

I have a friend who has a computer , he was saying his comp would startup really slow so I advised him to click start>run>msconfig and untick what he didnt need at startup , he said he has something wierd ... a line of squares so I asked him to untick and restart , when the comp restarted the program , which i dont have the name of just now , said some of the files for the 'program name' are missing' and everything has been running really slow for him and a lot of web pages wont load ....... is this spyware ??? or virus .... he said he would get onto msn soon and i'd ask you guys what to do and get to him through the messenger , he is a complete novice whereas i am just a novice lol

if anyone understands and has any knowledge it would be greatfully accepted .... i will get back to you soon with more infomation (i know you need more because this aint a lot to go on) but maybe someone has had something similar ???



  [email protected] 11:59 05 Nov 2005

Not much to go on ;-), but before you go down the possible virus road, suspect he has done something wrong in the "msconfig" situation.
Slow PC's can be due to a lot of things not just virus. EG: loads of unnecessary obsolete files and also a heavily fragmented disc. I would suggest running some utilities before exploring the virus situation.
First, run a full system file check - then a disc defrag - then a cleanup utility. If the PC won't go all the way normally, try doing them in safe mode.
In XP, safe mode = press and hold F8 while rebooting. System File Check = my pc \ right click local disc [probably C] \ properties \ tools \ error checking \ check now. Tick both boxes and restart PC - it will take some time but let it run and restart the PC normally. Then run the defrag [same location but under "error checking". Download a free cleanup utility, I use CCleaner but there are others probably just as good, try here click here
What you try next will depend on the success or otherwise of the above. Good luck.

  woofwoofbark 12:48 05 Nov 2005

I know he has Windows Cleanup and CCleaner plus virus/spyware/firewall programs and has defragged .... I'll let him know anout System File Check



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