a little concerned

  karl1483 22:04 03 Aug 2004

i have an athlon 2800 in quite a large case with a fan at the front(sucking airin) and rear one (blowing out)air from case.the case temp is a constant 38 degrees but the processor is 59 degress, the fan i have on the processor came with the cpu as an oem bundle.should i change this fan, or is the temperature ok.i have looked at various postings and there seems to be some differance of opinion.the reason i ask is i am getting a few hang ups and the pc is switching itself of on hot days.i am monitoring the temp with mbm 5.any suggestions would be appreciated,and any good fans and sites offering help

  howard60 22:06 03 Aug 2004

have you checked that the fan on the cpu is working? you may have to take the side off the case to see.

  BIG ben strikes 10 22:14 03 Aug 2004

although my cpu is not overclocked i still use a over clockers fan/heat sink to be on the safe side.and i have 6 bracket fans.things get a little chilly under the desk sometimes.lol.karl if you are concerned about your cpu being to hot i would recommend a "overclockers" cpu fan/heat sink.if your computer keeps switching off randomly on hot days then it is likely your mo bo has a over heating "turn off" system.any help?.ben

  karl1483 22:18 03 Aug 2004

thanks howard60 the cpu seems fine is spinning merryly at 4224rpm.thanks BIG ben strikes 10 where can i find info on overclockers fans thanks

  BIG ben strikes 10 22:27 03 Aug 2004

have you a local pcworld near you.or a local computer shop?.or you could take a look on ebay.otherwise if you wan't it new take a look on click here for cheap prices.hope this helps at all?

  BIG ben strikes 10 22:29 03 Aug 2004

sorry i thought you ment where can you find one
check click here they have tons of info on motherboards cpus and stuff.hope this helps

  BIG ben strikes 10 22:31 03 Aug 2004

or here click here

  Chegs ® 22:50 03 Aug 2004

I have just spent an interesting 5 hours chatting with a mate on the pro/cons of lapping the CPU die and the problems of cooling a CPU sufficiently in this hot weather(but thats for another day)

I have seen mobo temps reported as high as 55°C on my system lately,yet the CPU has been a constant 42°C.My PC crashes if its allowed to climb above 50-55°C.I use an "AERO 7"(I think its called)and spend an hour or so every few weeks dismantling the CPU heatsink/fan assembly to clean out all traces of dust/dirt.If I left it alone,after a month or so,the temp of the CPU starts climbing and increasing the fan speed makes little difference,I have to clean it.My PC is right beside a radiator and opposite the TV,so I needed an efficient AND quiet fan.This fan/heatsink combo wasn't expensive,and I think it was good VFM.

My CPU is slightly OC XP2600(its running as an XP2700)

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