A little advice please on netgear dg834pn

  Head hurts 17:14 22 Jul 2006

just searched this site and found info on setting up netgear 834gt but can i ask a couple of questions to stop any possible probs on install of my netgear dg834pn.
at moment have speedtouch usb modem.
should i uninstall this prior to plugging in my netgear modem router? will i need to uninstall my zone alarm firewall before setting up netgear as it has a built in firewall? should i plug in and set up my wireless pc card before plugging in and setting up the netgear modem router? hope you people out there can advice me it could be it will go sweet as a nut on install but prior knowledge and advice is always helpful.
many thanks in anticipation of any advice.

  silverous 18:02 22 Jul 2006

I always like to keep things simple so it wouldn't do any harm to uininstall your speedtouch (I'm assuming netgear has built-in adsl modem so you won't need your speedtouch installed).

RE: firewall, you can have a 'software' firewall like zonealarm as well as the hardware one in your firewall. Some people do that but it is probably overkill and means two sets of things to check/modify when you need to do so. Bear in mind though that your hardware firewall probably isn't as 'simple' to use as zonealarm and it won't really have knowledge of your applications. It also won't stop things once they are on your PC from dialling out - whereas zonealarm would normally ask you if it was ok. If you feel more comfortable leave both running, there's really no harm.

Usually you set a wireless router up first before the wireless card. In fact you often have to plug in the router wired first to configure it. Do you have the instructions with the router? It should really advise you about that, but i'd get router working first then wireless PC card.

  Head hurts 19:14 22 Jul 2006

thanks for the info which is very useful, i have read netgear instructions on cd and although they inform me how to set it up i cannot find any info on if to uninstall other modems first (unless i am missing something obvious) will do as you advise which does make sense and will keep zonealarm running, thanks for taking time to reply.

  Eric10 19:47 22 Jul 2006

Follow the advice given by silverous and connect your Netgear DG834PN Router to one PC with an ethernet cable and login to the router from that PC as instructed by typing into your browser address bar. When connected to the router run the Setup Wizard from the link on the top left and it will detect all your settings. All you'll need to do is enter your Broadband username and password when prompted. Leave the wireless till last.

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