candp 14:39 31 Dec 2005

Can anybody help me. I am trying to copy a ntl channel while watching a terrestrial channel using a Liteon 5006. Everytime I start to record the television swops channels back to the channel I am recording. Any tips for setting it up so this does not happen.

  pj123 15:01 31 Dec 2005

I have the same DVD Recorder. No can do I'm afraid.

  pj123 15:04 31 Dec 2005

Sorry, should have added "as far as I know".

  De Marcus™ 15:07 31 Dec 2005

I use a freeview box in the bedroom and can record from it whilst watching normal aerial analogue with the same model, maybe it's down to your TV's auto scart switching, I can watch any av or analogue channel without it auto changing unless I press the AV button.

  Carbonara 15:07 31 Dec 2005

This Recorder does not appear to have a separate Tuner. If your TV has only one Tuner, as pj123 says "no can do"

  g0nvs 15:19 31 Dec 2005

This Recorder must have a Tuner or It would'nt be a Recorder !! As De Marcus™ says, it could be due to Auto Scart switching. You could try feeding the NTL box to the DVD recorder & the ariel cable straight to the TV.

  De Marcus™ 15:22 31 Dec 2005

That's pretty much how I set mine up in the bedroom, freeview box into recorder and recorder into TV. Aerial feeds both freeview and tv via a splitter.

  Carbonara 15:22 31 Dec 2005

I bow to your superior knowledge!!!!

  Big Elf 15:29 31 Dec 2005

It could be that the recorder doesn't have a modulated channel output and simply loops through the RF output.

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