lite on cdrw problem

  kane_2002k 14:37 20 Jan 2003
  kane_2002k 14:37 20 Jan 2003

i brought a lite on 52x24x52 CDRW yesterday and attempted to install it to my pc, however the bios on my system repeatly fails to find the CDRW regardless of how i connect to a IDE cable (i.e. master, slave, IDE 1, IDE 2). A orange LED stays continously on the CDRW from power up and it refuses to open or close, any idea's anyone. (could it be firmware damage??)

My PC is AMD 2000+ xp, elite K7S5A mobo, 192 SDRAM, 80 gig seagate barracuda 4 drive, and a compaq DVD-ROM.

Any idea's r welcome, thanks.

  struggle8 15:07 20 Jan 2003

did you get it fron pc world they have a faulty batch which is nothing unusal take it back and I bet you they tell you OH yes itts that faulty laser thing agian hahahahahaha

  Djohn 15:40 20 Jan 2003

kane_2002k If as you say, you have checked all possible connections of cable, have you checked the rear of the drive itself and altered the jumper as required?

If you have and it still does not work, then it does indeed sound faulty and needs to be exchanged. The lite-on range of drives are excellent quality and good value for money. J.

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