Listing QBASIC program

  pppc 14:12 14 Oct 2005

Can any one remind me how I list out a QBASIC program - preferablly a numbered listing. I always used to do it but now TYPE, PRINT and anything else I think of don/t seem to work.


  Diemmess 15:05 14 Oct 2005

You are ringing very old bells very faintly in my mind.

I assume you have loaded QBASIC into an old OS say win98 or earlier?

I think you will have a hard road if you are starting from anything later. M$ has done its best to ignore and forget Basic which(in MSDOS up to v6) was the underlying windows program structure as late as 3.1.1

If you have a spare computer to set up with those, you will be well on the way.

  Monoux 15:08 14 Oct 2005

try LIST . If I recall correctly you do not need to number lines in Q Basic unless you wish to use a Goto

  HauxtonPhil 15:11 14 Oct 2005

Old bells indeed - wasn't it LLIST to print it out, and LPRINT to print output.

  seedie 15:34 14 Oct 2005

As far as I can remeber you don't list QBASIC. It's text in an editor and you just scroll up and down the screen. I've got qbasic on this machine and have just looked at a .bas file with EDIT. There is a LIST command to list function key assignments.


  pppc 15:43 14 Oct 2005

Many thanks for all the responses.

There is a PRINT option under FILE but using it seems to send the machine to sleep - I wonder what printer it wants.

I'm sure I used to print out my programs - they're a bit too big to work on in the editor.

At the moment I have failed to highlight the full text of the program, CTRL-C and paste it into my word processor. Any ideas??


  Diemmess 16:07 14 Oct 2005

Again, part memory, part fancy!

You may need a dot matrix printer or at least one which is capable of printing from DOS. Many of the current printers don't do anything until a multitude of drivers and other instructions arrive via Windows - hence the frequent pleas for XP drivers for older printers.

Going way further back into history when boffins worked in machine language with a primitive DOS overlay, they had no printers and the command Print simply listed their completed work on a screen. By the time printers arrived the command changed to LPRINT (or line printer) to avoid confusion!

  woodchip 16:16 14 Oct 2005

You should be able to print from DOS if you load DOS printer drivers but this as got to be at least as above or a Parallel Printer. and it will not Work under XP.

If you have a Parallel printer then you should be able to press print screen button but it will only print a screen no more

  seedie 18:59 14 Oct 2005

I've just restarted this machine with a 98se floppy and it printed fine with a HP 5550 dot matrix printer using edit and for the record it was "open diet.bas"

Umm printing the listing is not the same as including a print command in the program.

  seedie 19:02 14 Oct 2005

the program concerned has not been compiled has it ???

  seedie 19:05 14 Oct 2005

Been on the sherbet again. HP5550 is INKJET :))

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